5 facts about the Prophet's Mosque (Masjid Nabawi)

Masjid Nabawi

1.   The first building of the Mosque was built over 1430 years ago. It was made of palm leaves and mud bricks and was no larger than an average sized sports hall.

history of masjid nabawi

2.   Masjid Nabawi was not the first one built in Madinah as is commonly thought. Masjid Quba was actually the first and was just outside the vicinity of Madinah. It was built when the Prophet SAW was making his migration journey and just before the entered Madinah he established this as the first masjid.

Masjid Quba
3.   The first extension to Masjid Nabawi was made at the time of Umar Ibn Al Khattab. The Muslim Ummah was growing and had to accommodate New Muslims who migrated to Madinah.

4.   The prophet SAW was buried next to the Masjid which was the room of Aishah Radiallahuanha at the time. Later on due to the expansion, the Masjid was built around the room to include it in it.

5.   It is the second largest masjid in the Muslim world after Masjid Al Haram in Makkah. The current masjid as we know it is more than 100 times the size of the original building and larger than the old city of Madinah. So, whatever we see of masjid today has almost covered the entire area of the old city.

angle of masjid nabawi

panorama masjid nabawi

masjid nabawi

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1430 years ago. Lama sangat dah kan :) Merupakan masjid kedua terbesar selepas masjidilharam. btw suka info ni , yelah kadang2 terlepas pandang. Tqq atas ingatan :)